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Yes, you can Travel and eat Gluten Free.

Gluten Free Travel–Us has been created to deal with the enormous challenges faced by the traveler with food allergies. How to eat, where to eat, or even just how to communicate what one can or cannot eat, is almost an impossible task.  With advance inquiries and exhaustive research of hotels and restaurants, GFT can help choose the appropriate destination. Then GFT takes the role of the the travelers’ advocate; notifying hotels and resorts of their needs and preferences prior to arrival. Therefore, the trip becomes more centered on the travel and less on the food.  Keep in mind, Gluten Free Travel is not just for Celiacs, but for those who have allergies, sensitivities, intolerances or just simply looking for a healthier lifestyle!!


“You focus on the fun, we focus on the food”

Ellen Morse Travel, has been creating customized itineraries worldwide for over 15 years. Since owner Ellen Morse, herself, is gluten and dairy free, she is personally aware of the difficulties faced by the traveler with food allergies. Gluten Free Travel–Us can arrange all of your travel needs as well as be attentive to  the food aspects of every trip.  

Custom itineraries

The Gluten Free community has spoken, and GFT is listening.  Gluten Free Travel-Us is concentrating on providing customized itineraries suitable for the individual, couple, and/or family and even for the adventurous individuals.  And, yes, they can even create an itinerary for a group of any size. Gluten Free Travel–Us offers resources to provide you with translations to the local language with which to inform your hosts that you have special needs. It is really a complete, stress free travel package for the gluten free traveler.


YOU FOCUS ON THE FUN, WE FOCUS ON THE FOOD!  Gluten Free Travel-Us looks forward to seeing you on one of their stress free, gluten free adventures!


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